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Gove County Medical - Radiology

Gove County Medical Center Radiology Department is dedicated to combining individual expertise into a solid team foundation to provide high-quality diagnostic services to our community.


Before your examination, a radiographer will explain the procedure to you and answer any questions you may have. A radiographer, also known as a radiological technologist, is a skilled medical professional who has received specialized education in the areas of radiation protection, patient care, radiation exposure, positioning, and procedures.

Radiology Services

  • X-ray: GCMC is equipped with Digital Radiography which helps us provide fast, low-dose diagnostic x-rays to our customers.


  • Sonography: Our Radiology Department offers in-house ultrasound services five days a week provided by two outstanding ultrasound (sonogram) technologists here to serve you. Their joined scope of practice includes diagnostic medical, vascular, and cardiac sonography. We are also one of the few facilities in Western Kansas with a technologist that has the ability to perform pediatric echocardiograms.


  • CT Scan: CT, more commonly known as CAT scan, is another in-house service offered at Gove County Medical Center. We have a Siemens 64-slice CT unit which gives us the capability to perform 3D imaging so we can view arterial and orthopedic anatomy. This allows our patients to have their testing done locally instead of having to drive to a larger facility.


  • Low Dose CT Lung Cancer Screenings: Low Dose CT Lung Cancer Screening also known as LDCT is a test used to detect lung cancer before any symptoms appear. Under the new lung cancer screening guidelines, those ages 50-80 who have a 20 pack-year smoking history or who have quit smoking in the past 15 years should get screened for lung cancer. Please contact your provider for a referral to see if you qualify.


  • Bone density: The final in-house service offered at GCMC is Dexa, also known as bone density. This exam measures the strength of a patient’s bones to determine if they are at risk for osteoporosis.


  • MRI: MRI uses a strong magnet to obtain multiplane imaging of the body. This is a mobile service provided by Shared Medical Service on Tuesday and Friday mornings.


  • NM: Nuclear Medicine is another mobile service available at Gove County Medical Center. This branch of diagnostic services is provided by Front Range Medicine and is available every other Monday.


  • Mammography: United Radiology Group out of Salina provides GCMC with Mobile Mammography one(1) Tuesday per month. This service includes both 3D screening and diagnostic mammograms. 


Radiology Schedule


X-Ray: Monday – Friday 8 am-5 pm walk-in basis

CT: Monday – Friday 9 am-4 pm by appointment

Ultrasound: Monday – Friday 9 am-4 pm by appointment, some early morning appointments are available upon request

Bone Density/DEXA-Scan – Call for appointment days/times

MRI: Tuesday and Friday mornings beginning at 7 am by appointment

Nuclear Medicine: Every other Monday-Call for an appointment

Mammogram: One Tuesday a month- Call for an appointment