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“My husband was admitted to Gove County Hospital a few weeks ago by Dr. Anna during an appointment he needed due to his breathing difficulty. The care he received was without a doubt the best as always. He was discharged a week ago and he has received several calls to make sure he is doing ok. Upon being discharged he forgot 2 of his meds. I received a call from 1 of his nurses Caden stating that his meds was there and that in a few minutes he was on his way home from work. He stated that he would gladly bring it by. There are few hospital staff members that I know who would personally call and then bring the meds to the house so he wouldn’t have to do without. Our Doctor’s nurse even called to see how his return home was going and if there was anything we needed. So many caring and amazing people in this community.”


“Came in the last three evenings for outpatient services and received excellent care from everyone! Great experience! Thank you!”


“Christie was the best! I couldn’t have asked for a nicer person to take care of me.”


“GCMC has the best nurses and Aubrey is the best I have come across.”


“My baby and I are doing great, the night nurses were the best but I can’t remember their names.”


“The care was absolutely the best!”


“I was beyond pleased and am speechless at how great the care was. My nurse Aubrey was a rockstar and knew how to handle everything. I was confident that if Dr. Shelly couldn’t have been there, that Aubrey could have delivered my baby, she is that good!”


“One of the nurses went above and beyond taking care of me and our baby. Her name was Sandi.”


“Tech did an excellent job drawing my labs and answering my questions. Love this facility.”


“This hospital always gives great services. Best in the West!”


“Very proud of my care @GCMC.”


“All of the PT staff I worked with were great!”


“I was very pleased with Glenda’s care and expertise.”




“The providers especially our family physician and the overall staff. Amazing! We are blessed to have this facility and staff.”


“The staff are AMAZING…attentive, educated, extremely caring. There is no other place I would want my loved ones to be.”