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Grants and Donations Fund Remodel of GCMC Obstetric Suites

By: Wade Richard, Marketing Manager


A very special moment in a couple’s relationship is the birth of a child.  Gove County Medical Center recognized this and in the Spring of 2019 set forth a marketing campaign to promote Obstetrics (OB) and a goal to remodel the current birthing rooms.  


A year prior, GCMC had went from a single labor and delivery room with a surgical area to a pair of suites for labor, delivery, recovery, postpartum, and a single room for C-section mothers.  In doing so, two patient rooms were converted but not given the upgrades of a homelike atmosphere.  This transition stood as a testing period before any remodeling would take place.  This proved to be a positive experience for mothers because this type of room,  referred to as a labor, delivery, and recovery room (LDR), can accommodate nearly all births. Once the patient is placed in the room, this will be the room she will use for labor, birth and the initial hours of recovery. 


GCMC felt it was essential to move forward with a goal of remodeling the rooms within the next twelve months. Initial quotes estimated remodeling cost at around $100,000 for both rooms.  With an Obstetrics campaign in the works it was necessary to find funding. 

Over the next, twelve months, a total of six grants were written to obtain funding.  GCMC was awarded $50,000 from the Dane G. Hansen Foundation and $7,500 from the Greater Northwest Kansas Community Foundation through the Gove County Hansen Community Grant.  Another $9,784.52 was obtained through generous donations to the hospital.  This left a deficit of $37,080.33.

In January of 2020 the GCMC Board of Trustees agreed to move forward with the remodeling while attempting to obtain grants for the remaining balance.  The Board committed to the remaining $37,080.33 if no other grants were obtained.  


Remodeling began mid-February 2020 and was completed in mid-April 2020.  The remodel included the ability to enclose exposed equipment in wooden cabinets, replacing portable lighting with permanent lighting in fixtures, all new cabinetry, flooring and furniture.  The modernization of the suites offered more room and matched the strives of GCMC’s desire to be a five star hospital offering expanded services in a rural setting.  This modernization also strived to meet the expectations of the mothers that want quality with comfort.  

GCMC is unique in that it is one of three hospitals within the surrounding ten counties that offer  OB.  Prior to the modernization of the suites, the OB campaign was implemented and included six months of advertising in eleven newspapers, radio and social media advertising and promotional videos.  Through these efforts, GCMC estimates a 60% increase in 2020 deliveries over the previous year.  


GCMC was able to meet their goal of completing the remodel within twelve months.  Following the remodel, the rooms were delayed in their initial usage due to COVID-19.  Although, GCMC never had any COVID-19 patients, the necessary precautions were put in place. Once restrictions were relaxed, the Suites welcomed their first patient and newborn baby in the second week of June 2020.


GCMC is grateful to the Dane G. Hansen foundation, the Greater Northwest Kansas Community Foundation and the generous donations that made this project a reality.  Quality healthcare in Obstetrics will continue to be a focus of the caring providers and staff at Gove County Medical Center.